English (native), German (conversational/kinky)

Types of Sessions:

Classic Corporal: caning, spanking. For punishment or for motivation. 1-hour hotel or studio session.

Heavy Pain: caning, spanking, CBT, bastinado, singletail, electro-torture. 1-3 hour studio session.

Dirty Games: golden shower, hardsports/scat (KV). 1-hour hotel or studio session.

– Heavy Bondage: body bag, mummification, leather mask. 1-3 hour studio session.

Anal: prostate massage, fisting, erotic. 1 hour hotel or studio session.

Medical: urethral sounds, enema, needles, catheter, bladder irrigation. 1-3 hour hotel or studio session.

Prison Scenarios: locked in a cell, strict orders and punishments. 4-12 hour sessions, including overnight, at Residenz Avalon.

Houseboy: chores, errands, house cleaning, strict orders, punishments, and rewards. Must live in (or visit regularly) Berlin and be able to commit to at least one session per month, weekly preferred.

Of course, combinations of the above are also welcome.