September Kidnapping Event

My all-time favorite Avalon event is coming up fast! September 23rd-25th 2016


“One moment you are walking the streets of Berlin, no clue what fate you will meet so very soon. A car stops right next to you and a leather dressed lady overpowers you. You are kidnapped! She throws you on the back seat and you are torn out of your normal life. You realize: Dominant women have kidnapped you and you are turned into an object of their fantasy. This weekend will be spent according to their wishes — with sadistic lust and erotic moods. Isn’t that that what you always dreamed of?” – Residenz Avalon

md_IMG_0181German language not required – English is fine. But you will be bossed around in German – hot, right?! This is a long-term imprisonment with a handful of other slaves and enough Avalon mistresses to toy with them each individually. Once you are kidnapped and thrown in the back of a van, you will be interrogated, left in the Avalon Residenz prison cells overnight with the rest of the kidnappees, harshly woken up in the morning by German guardesses, showered with a hose and forced to do morning sports, and continued interrogations and sessions throughout the weekend. Surprises to come, too!

Each kidnappee fills out a questionnaire to let us know kink interests, taboo/limits, and any health concerns (medications, etc.) so you will be properly taken care of. However, this is not a hotel. You will be treated as a slave, a prisoner, a lying spy. Can you handle it?

Limited spaces still available – come join us during my favorite yearly event! Light to heavy masochists, foot fetishists, piss lovers, bondage sluts, and devoted slaves willing to explore their potential will not be disappointed!

40 Hours Long-term Enslavement:  €1560

Ask for a questionnaire from Lady Marlon and Lady Mercedes:

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