I have a preference for heavy masochists. Are you willing to scream for me? Your pain tolerance level doesn’t matter – I will find your edge, and ride it. My strong spanking hands might surprise you – I enjoy the burn on my hand as much as watching you squirm in agony.

Still willing to go further? The paddles, the whips, the singletails, the canes. How much will you take for me? I love leaving my marks on such a willing canvas. Red and purple looks beautiful on you.

You think you can get out of experiencing extreme pain by not allowing marks? Think again. Electricity, bastinado, and a handful of other tricks will have you begging for mercy.

Not afraid of blood? Me either. Needles are always fun. Heavy caning could be in store for those really ready to endure torture.

Prison Scenario

Are you ready to serve your sentence, or is interrogation still required? I will get your confession and all the information I need, and you will receive the punishment you deserve. Long-term sessions and overnight (4-12 hours) in Residenz Avalon, Berlin. Multiple day sessions with shifts from other beautiful but strict Avalon guards available.


Do you require a proper check-up, or some experimental treatment? Examinations, testing, probing every orifice. Urethral sounding, uncomfortable enema, heavy needling and saline injections. No getting off of my medical table for a bathroom break – a catheter will take care of that problem. I just love knowing you’ll be thinking of me for the next couple days every time you feel that burn.


Don’t be afraid. This is one area where I am usually gentle. I prefer using my hands to feel what I’m doing, but plugs and strap-ons are also fun. Stretching and full fisting if you can take it – my hands are medium-large for a woman, not petite.

Golden Shower

I have very strong control and can put as much as I want, where I want, when I want. When I’m done with you, the smell of every inch of your body will prove you are mine.

Dirty Games

Hardsports/Scat available daily. (Extra tribute, please inquire)